We always follow the Approved Code of Practice & Guidance.

We follow the Approved Code of Practice (ACoP), BSRIA, British standard guidelines, and any other relevant guidance. Our work is audited at regular intervals to ensure the best service we can deliver is delivered.

Risk Management

Risk Management

Fire Damper Testing

All fire dampers should be inspected and tested annually in accordance with BS9999. Aqua compliance services can undertake this service with any defects being logged, detailing any necessary remedial actions, and issuing the testing report / certification upon completion.

There are specific requirements to adhere to HTM03-01 regulations within hospitals: Regular tests, at intervals agreed with the local fire prevention officer, will need to be carried out in order to demonstrate the continuing efficiency of the fire detection and containment systems. These may be in addition to the inspections detailed above. Records of these tests should be kept. All fire dampers should be tested as part of the annual verification.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

Almost everyone occasionally feels unwell because they are suffering from one or more common symptoms of discomfort such as headaches, dry throat or sore eyes. But there are occasions when, for no obvious reasons, people working in particular buildings experience these sorts of symptoms more often than is usual.
The symptoms tend to increase in severity with time spent in the building and improve over time or disappear away from the building. This is often described as Sick Building Syndrome.

A number of factors are believed to lead to SBS including:

  • Poor ventilation‍
  • Biological contaminants (bacteria, fungi & virus)‍
  • Low humidity‍
  • Airborne pollutants, such as dust, carpet fibres or mould spores

Aqua compliance services can offer full indoor air quality assessments & Monitoring including the below range of tests, covering parameters that can lead to poor air quality.

  • Airborne bacterial levels ‍
  • Airborne fungal levels
  • Volatile organic compounds levels‍
  • Carbon monoxide, Carbon dioxide‍
  • Temperature, humidity‍
  • Dust and particulate levels

Legionella Risk Assessment

Carrying out a legionella risk assessment and ensuring it remains up to date is required under health and safety law and is a key duty when managing the risk of exposure to legionella bacteria.

Aqua compliance services have experienced trained surveyors to undertake Legionella risk assessments of various types of water systems including domestic & cooling tower systems.

We can help you to assess and manage any highlighted risks and ensure that you comply with your legal requirements.  

Guidance followed:

  • HSG 274 part 2
  • BS 8580‑1 2019 Risk assessments for Legionella control

RPZ Valve Servicing

Aqua Compliance Services have trained operatives to complete any new installation, servicing, or remedial work to RPZ Valve’s. The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations 1999 for England & Wales detail the rules & requirements for the installing & use of RPZ Valves as backflow prevention devices. It is a legal requirement to comply with the requirements of the water regulations .Failure to do so would be a criminal offence and may result in legal enforcement action being taken and the water supply shut off to the premises.

TMV Servicing

Aqua compliance services offer maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves (TMVs), TMV servicing, temperature monitoring and failsafe testing in health and social care facilities including hospitals, care homes and all other premises where the risk of scalding from hot water requires the installation and regular maintenance of thermostatic mixing valves.

TMV’s should be serviced annually or as highlighted by the risk assessment.

Analytical Services

Analytical Services

Closed system analytical services

Aqua compliance services can provide analytical services that form part of a comprehensive water regime in accordance with BS8552/BG50 for closed water systems (Heating & chilled systems) to maintain system efficiency and condition, which ultimately can reduce maintenance & running costs.

We carry out regular analysis (Usually quarterly) of critical parameters and by monitoring ensure control is achieved over the following factors

  • Microbiological growth
  • Corrosion
  • Scale

Cooling tower analytical services

Analysis & testing of Cooling Towers must be undertaken on a regular basis in accordance with Approved Code of Practice L8: 2013 4th Edition& HSG 274 part 1.

Aqua compliance services provide analytical services of cooling systems including comprehensive annual water treatment regime’s and chemical programmes, designed to keep our client’s and their systems compliant.

In addition, we can offer maintenance & monitoring services of all associated plant such as cooling tower controllers, dosing pumps, solenoid valves &water softener’s.

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Closed system treatment & remedials

Aqua Compliance Services offer complete Closed Water System solutions.

The overall performance of your system will be maintained constantly, ensuring the optimum use of energy, and maximising the plant life. Scale build-up and corrosion will be minimised, and maintenance costs and downtime reduced.

Pre-commission cleaning

New heating and chilled water systems require a pre-commission clean before being brought into service. 

There are two reasons for this; firstly to clean and prepare the metal surfaces for passivation with a corrosion inhibitor and secondly to mobilise the deposits and suspended solids so that they can be flushed from the system prior to commissioning and putting into service, this service can also be carried out on existing systems.

Chemical supply

Aqua Compliance Services provide an extensive range of products suitable for all manner of water treatment chemical needs and we can customise bespoke products to meet precise requirements.

Mechanical Services

Mechanical Services

New mechanical install

Aqua Compliance Services understand the importance of delivering projects to a high standard, on time and on budget, Our passionate and highly experienced team of fully certified engineers ensure that all infrastructure are managed and maintained using strict Health and Safety guidelines.

Plant Install

Aqua Compliance Services offer plant install to assist our clients with their bespoke needs, we also validate the install with a suitable service plan to ensure your plant performs as designed.

Risk assessment remedial work

Your legionella risk assessment will identify all the risks that require corrective remedial works to reduce the risk of legionella growth within your water systems. 

Legionella risk assessment remedial work focuses on improving the design of your water system by removing risks that encourage growth.

Air Hygiene

Air Hygiene

Kitchen extract cleaning

Aqua Compliance Services complete kitchen extract cleaning in accordance with the BESA specification, TR19®.

If not undertaken, fats, oil, & greasy (FOG) deposits and fibrous particles can accumulate in kitchen extract systems, reducing air flow efficiency producing a warm greasy environment for bacteria and cockroaches to breed. If not maintained to the correct standards this can quickly become afire risk and can be a major cause of the ignition and/or spread of fire in food production establishments.

Supply & extract ductwork cleaning

It’s not widely known that the legal requirement with regard to ventilation system hygiene is that the systems are regularly inspected, and the findings recorded. This is a requirement laid down in the Health and Safety at Work Act and applies to owners and operators of workplace premises.

There has been a general acceptance that unclean ventilation system scan spread airborne infections in the workplace including flu and the common cold, resulting in an increase in sickness days taken in UK workplaces. Aqua Compliance Services can assist you in avoiding SBS (Sick Building Syndrome) We use advanced techniques of monitoring and cleaning of ventilation systems to keep your workplace working.

AHU cleaning & disinfection

AHU cleaning has become a specialised area of care within ventilation systems. The coil is in the air flow path on all ventilation systems. Therefore, it has a direct effect on the rate of air flow, efficiency of heat transfer and indoor air quality.

At Aqua Compliance Services we use the most modern and thorough methods of AHU and coil cleaning to suit your system's requirements, from compressed air cleaning and brushing techniques to expandable eco foam cleaning and sanitizing products.

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